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Selling on WarriorPlus
Selling on WarriorPlus
49 articles
WarriorPlus Anti-Manipulation Policy for Customer Reviews
I want to sell my own products as a vendor
How to List Products & Offers on WarriorPlus (And OTOs/Upsells)
How Long Does it Take for My Offer to be Approved?
What are Product ‘Licenses’ and how do I use them?
WarriorPlus Compliance Guidelines
How to Connect PayPal To Your Account...
Where Can I Find My Vendor Tracking Link?
How Do I Make a Test Purchase?
Free Offer/Product Approval Guidelines
Affiliate Commission Refunds and PayPal Disputes
How do I integrate Email, Webinar and/or Membership Services with my WarriorPlus account?
How can I set up Split Tests for different sales pages?
How do I set up a JV contract?
What are coupons and how are they used?
Where Can I Find the Link to My Affiliate Signup Page?
WarriorPlus Fee Schedule
Profile Page Tips
How do I integrate SendLane with my WarriorPlus account?
Where Can I Find the Offer Settings Page?
What Are Commission Rules?
How do I set up "Multi-Tiered" Commissions?
How can I set up "Time Limited" commissions?
Legacy Feature Retirement and Migrations (V1)
VAT: Supplying Digital Services and The Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS)
Can I Setup Single Opt-in With Aweber Integration?
How Do I Start an Affiliate Contest?
How do I sell subscription-based products?
How does receiving commissions work?
[Advanced Topic] How does the key generation link work?
How can I offer different commission rates for affiliates?
[Advanced Topic] How can I automatically keep track of sales and cancellations from Paypal?
Can I sell using WarriorPlus if I am in India?
[Advanced Topic] How can I integrate with a mailing list or other program not listed?
How can I change my dimesale price or price increase?
How to change an affiliate's status from 'active' to denied?
My buyers are not being directed to the thank you page and are not receiving the Product Delivery emails. Why?
Why can't I see my Aweber list in the drop down menu?
Understanding WarriorPlus stats
Do I have to use the buy button code from WarriorPlus?
How do I know when an affiliate requests to promote one of my offers?
How do I set up Multiple Sales Pages?
How do I process refunds? (Vendors)
(Advanced) Variables Sent to your IPN and/or Keygen Script
What is the "Deal of the Day" and how can my offer be featured?
External Membership Integration Information
Can I sell Private Label Rights (PLR) and/or Resell Rights (MRR/RR) products on WarriorPlus?
How to Add Pixel Tracking Code as a Vendor/Affiliate
How to Use Tokens as Part of Delivery URL and Salespage URL