Whenever a transaction is made through Paypal, whether it is a purchase or a refund/cancellation, Paypal sends back an IPN (Instant Payment Notification). This IPN tells Warrior Plus who gets credit for the sale, how much the sale was for, and who sold it. There is other standard information included as well, and you can create custom fields, but those 4 things are the main items of interest.

When setting up your listing, you can choose to forward the IPN to your own script. The most common form of script is to extract the data in the IPN and decide what to do with each piece of information. (The script will be something written by you, or someone who writes it for you.)

The IPN will go to the script you have set up as a forward no matter who gets credit for the sale (whether it is you or an affiliate). It is then up to you what you want done with that information (such as send out an email, set up credentials for the user on another site, etc).

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