Buyers not being redirected to the "Thank You Page This generally comes from a annoying "bug" in the Paypal IPN system...

If you have a URL set in your Paypal account for IPN, and that URL is no longer valid, Paypal disables IPN completely for your account. This is not the right thing for them to do, but I have not been successful in getting them to change it.

Here are the steps to fix this:

1) Remove the bad URL from the IPN field in your Paypal account, located here: and replace it with a this one:

2) "Resend" all of the IPN requests that are "disabled" on the IPN history page. Located here:

In the history tab in your paypal account the last item in the menu is IPN History. Here you can search and resend IPN's.

If you don't see that you may need to contact paypal.

That's it!

Once you resend the IPN data in step 2, your WarriorPlus statistics will be updated, which may take up to an hour to propagate. Once this is complete you should be good to go.

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