In order to recruit affiliates, you may wish to have the direct link to your "Affiliate Signup Page" where affiliates can request to promote your offer.

You can find your affiliate signup page link in the offer editor page for the offer that you want to promote to affiliates.

Open the offer editor by clicking on "Vendors" in the top menu and then on "Offers" and then click on the offer you wish to get your Affiliate Signup Page link for.

Then, click on the BLUE BUTTON that says "Offer Setup / Options" and select "Affiliate Signup Link" from the dropdown menu.

In the popup window, you will be able to create a SubID (optional). You can use a SubID to optionally track different campaigns when sending affiliates to the signup page. The string you use will show up on your "affiliate signup" page. Keep it short, letters and numbers only.

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