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(Advanced) Variables Sent to your IPN and/or Keygen Script
(Advanced) Variables Sent to your IPN and/or Keygen Script
Updated over a week ago

WarriorPlus has various data that is sent to your IPN and/or Keygen script...

The most important data sent is as follows:

  • WP_ITEM_NAME - Product name entered in WarriorPlus

  • WP_ITEM_NUMBER - Item number generated by WarriorPlus (unique to this productr)

  • WP_BUYER_NAME - First and last name of the buyer

  • WP_BUYER_EMAIL - Email address of the buyer

  • WP_BUYER_IP - IP address of the buyer, if applicable

  • WP_BUYER_XXX - Additional buyer fields, if collected (where XXX can be: ADDRESS1, ADDRESS2, CITY, STATE, COUNTRY, POSTALCODE)

  • WP_SALE_AMOUNT - Price the buyer paid

  • WP_SALE_CURRENCY - Currency the buyer paid with (currently always USD)

  • WP_SALE_FEE - Fee collected by WarriorPlus for this sale

  • WP_SALE_EARNINGS_XXX - Earnings data for this sale, where applicable (where XXX can be: AFF, AFF2, JV, VENDOR, WPFEE)

  • WP_TXNID - Payment processor generated transaction id of the sale

  • WP_SALEID - WarriorPlus generated sale id (unique to this sale)

  • WP_PAYMETHOD - Payment method used (ie paypal, stripe, free, wallet)

  • WP_PAYMENT_STATUS - Status of this payment (ie Completed, Refunded, Pending)

  • WP_ACTION - Action related to this IPN message (currently 'sale' or 'refund')


  • WP_AFFID - WarriorPlus unique affiliate id of referring affiliate (if applicable)

  • WP_AFFUSER - WarriorPlus username of referring affiliate (if applicable)

  • WP_SID - SubId value passed via the buy button (via 's' param)

  • WP_HOP_SID - SubId value when SID is passed via a Vendor Hop Link (ie /o2/v/[offer_code]/[page_code]/[sid])

  • WP_HOP_TID - TrackingId value when TID is passed via a Vendor Hop Link (ie /o2/v/[offer_code]/[page_code]/[sid]/[tid])

  • WP_CHECKOUT_CUSTOM - Custom params passed to checkout page

  • WP_SECURITYKEY - If set in your account settings, this will be sent so you can validate the authenticity of the IPN message


If you are using our recurring payments features, the following additional fields are also sent:

  • WP_SUBSCR_ID - The unique ID of this subscription

  • WP_SUBSCR_STATUS - The status of the subscription

  • WP_SUBSCR_PAYMENT_NUM - The current payment number that is being processed

  • WP_SUBSCR_PAYMENT_AMOUNT - The amount of the payment

  • WP_SUBSCR_PAYMENT_TXNID - The transaction id of the payment

  • WP_SUBSCR_NEXT_PAYMENT_DATE - The date of the next scheduled payment

Also, we add several new WP_ACTION values for recurring products:

  •  subscr_created - New subscription was created (when the initial sale is made). 

  •  subscr_cancelled - Subscription was cancelled (This happens from the subscription detail page, either initiated by admin/buyer/vendor, or the first payment was refunded which will automatically cancel the subscription.) 

  •  subscr_completed - Recurring payment was processed successfully. 

  •  subscr_failed_invalid - Credit card number lookup failed 

  •  subscr_failed_declined - Credit card was declined 

  •  subscr_suspended - Subscription was suspended due to multiple failed charges 

  •  subscr_reactivated - Suspended subscription was re-activated after the buyer made a payment. Currently the buyer can only pay and reactivate the subscription within 30 days of suspension. 

  •  subscr_ended - The last payment was processed and the subscription ended. (This only happens when the subscription has an ending value.) 

  •  subscr_refunded - Payment was refunded (the payment number is set in the 'WP_SUBSCR_PAYMENT_NUM' field). 

Use these fields in your scripts to process sales, generate keys (or username/passwords), etc...

(Note: Additional fields may also be sent, as received from Paypal, when applicable. We highly recommend against using any special payment processor fields, though, as they may not be present in all transactions.)

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