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What Are Commission Rules?
What Are Commission Rules?

Increase affiliate commissions based on certain criteria like time, sales volume and purchases made

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'Commission Rules' is a feature on WarriorPlus, where vendors can set up various automations to increase affiliate commissions based on certain criteria.

There are 3 different types of Commission Rules:

  1. Time-Limited

  2. Multi-Tiered

  3. Affiliate Purchase


This rule allows a vendor to increase the commission rate of an offer/product for a specific period of time.

For example: A vendor might set up a rule where the commission rate increases from 50% to 75% for a 48 hour period, like during a launch or special promo.


This rule allows a vendor to offer multiple tiers of commission rates based on sales numbers, in order to 'reward' affiliates for achieving certain milestones.

For example: A vendor might set up a rule where affiliates get 50% commissions at first - and then once they reach X number of sales, they get bumped to the next commission 'tier', which might be 60% or whatever the vendor chooses.

Affiliate Purchase

This rule allows a vendor to set a different commission rate when an affiliate purchases another one of their products.

For example: A vendor might have a product in their funnel which when purchased, gives the buyer 100% commission across the whole funnel. This rule allows the vendor to automate it so that the buyer automatically gets set to the commission rate of the vendors choice, upon buying said product.


This isn't really a rule, per se. A vendor is able to set a specific affiliate's product commission to any amount they want from their My Affiliate page, which will apply just to that affiliate and override any default values.

The highest commission amount that an affiliate qualifies for will always be applied, in the case multiple rules exist.

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