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How to Connect PayPal To Your Account...
How to Connect PayPal To Your Account...
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Vendor & Affiliate Setup Instructions

1) Go to your 'Merchant Accounts' settings, Click "+ New Account" and select 'PayPal' from the dropdown menu. NOTE: Choose 'PayPal' and not 'PayPal (legacy)'.

2) Vendors: Once added, you can go into any of your Products and choose this new account in the 'Payment Methods' section.

Affiliates: All commissions from PayPal sales will go into your WarriorPlus Wallet. From there, you can withdraw your commissions to your attached PayPal account.

NOTE FOR AFFILIATES: If the offer you're promoting is using PayPal (legacy) and you would like ALL commissions to go to your WarriorPlus Wallet anyway - you can visit the "Settings" tab on your Merchant Accounts page and turn on that option.

3) For Vendors, now, sales of any of the Products you modified in Step 2 above will start using the new PayPal checkout experience.

That's pretty much it - it's pretty simple and W+ always uses the latest and greatest in available PayPal technology!

IMPORTANT NOTE about 'PayPal (legacy)'...

We are in the process of retiring the use of PayPal's older API (known as 'Adaptive Payments'), due to them no longer supporting it.

In January 2019, we introduced a PayPal option that uses PayPal's latest API (now known as the 'PayPal Commerce Platform'), and it has created a better experience for our entire industry. (View original announcement)

In the near future, you will no longer be able to add your PayPal account via this "Legacy" API method. And sometime in early 2021 we will retire it completely.

Because of this, we HIGHLY recommend not adding your account via this Legacy method, and instead add new accounts using our current 'PayPal' process.

TIP: If you want a shortcut method to add 'PayPal' to ALL of your eligible products at once, you can do this directly from the Merchant Accounts page by clicking the menu to the right of the PayPal account you setup, and clicking 'Add to All'.  Just follow the instructions from there, and now this PayPal Account will be used for all of your products!

How Does the 'PayPal' Feature Work on WarriorPlus?

#1 - WarriorPlus uses the latest PayPal technologies for online marketplaces like ours. They have basically stopped supporting the "old" way (Adaptive Payments), and we want to make sure our users have the best possible experience.

#2 - For Vendors, you'll receive ONLY your portion of sale earnings to your PayPal account. It does NOT send the full sale price, and then immediately send out commissions to the platform, affiliates, partners, etc... What you earn as a Vendor goes to you, and everything else goes into the WarriorPlus Wallet of any affiliates and partners involved in the sale.

This makes things MUCH simpler for vendors (and everyone else too), and solves LOTS of issues that exist with the old 'Adaptive Payments' system (eg PayPal Legacy). (ie refund issues, complicated accounting, more risk department scrutiny, etc...)

#3 - For Affiliates, NEVER worry about getting paid again. With the WarriorPlus Wallet, your funds are always secure immediately after a sale is made. This is because your funds come directly into the WarriorPlus account, and are paid to you by us. There is no way for a Vendor to hold your funds, "forget" to release them, etc... 

Plus, you receive your commissions in "bulk", not just one at time - and you can receive them via any method you like, no matter how the sale was processed.

#4 - Checkout process is modern, fast and reliable.  PayPal has been updating their checkout process to be mobile friendly and higher converting for years, but since they stopped working on Adaptive Payments, they did not add these new processes there. Now you get a MUCH faster and more reliable checkout process.

#5 - Buyers can setup and pay with PayPal Credit, when applicable. Again, this is not possible with the old 'Adaptive Payments' method since they don't update it anymore.

#6 - Recurring payments are MUCH reliable. Again, this is a result of not using the old 'Adaptive Payments' technology that is known to fail often on recurring payments due to the way its setup and poorly worded for buyers.

PLUS, we make your recurring payments "portable" between PayPal (or Stripe) accounts. So, if you need to change which PayPal account your recurring payments go to, this is no problem. No need for buyers to come back and "re-authorize" anything. 

#7 - "One click buying" - both on upsells and the front-end!

How does it work? If a buyer has added a PayPal account or Credit Card (via Stripe) to their WarriorPlus account (or even as a guest during a previous checkout process), these accounts can then be used for purchases of ANY other WarriorPlus Product (NOT just from the same Vendor). This works great for upsells, of course, but also works great on the front-end when the buyer already has the payment method available. No need for them to login to PayPal again, or enter their Credit Card details again, etc...

#8 - Indian PayPal account holders can sell as a Vendor - For awhile, due to how the old Adaptive Payments works and banking laws in some countries (like India), some of our users couldn't sell their products.  Now, as long as you choose the 'PayPal' option, this restriction no longer exists.


If you have any questions, as always, ask away and/or send us a support chat request and we'll answer as quickly as possible.

At WarriorPlus, we care about you and your business and are here to support you in any way we can.

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