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How can I set up Split Tests for different sales pages?
How can I set up Split Tests for different sales pages?
Updated over a week ago

You can now run split tests of multiples sales pages on WarriorPlus. Split tests are useful if you want to compare two or more different versions of your sales copy or different versions of a website for example, to see which one converts best...

In order to run split tests on your sales pages, you must first have multiple sales pages.

(See the 'Multiple Sales Pages' Article Here)

You can set up Split Tests for your offer using the following steps:

1. Go to "Vendors" in the top menu bar and then click on "offers"

2. Click on the offer you wish to create a split test for

3. Click on the BLUE BUTTON that says "Offer Setup / Options"

4. Click on the item with a bullhorn icon that says "Multiple Sales Pages / Split Tests"

5. Click on the GREEN BUTTON that says "+ New Split Test" that will appear underneath the multiple sales pages area (and will ONLY appear once you have 2 or more sales pages)

When you click on "+ New Split Test" this window will pop up:

6. Simply create a "Name" for your Split Test, so you can refer to it later.

7. Then select the sales pages to use in your split-test by checking the box next to each sales page you want to include in the test

7a. Select the "Weight" of each sales page in your test. Pages with higher weight will be shown more often

8. Select "Simple Rotation" which rotates the sales letters EVENLY. The "Auto Optimization" option is coming soon

9. "Status" Selection: When your Status is set to "Active" the split-test will run. When set to "Inactive" the default sales page will be displayed

10. Set as Default: When you have this ON, your split-test will be active for ALL traffic sent to your main offer that is not coming from a specific split test or page link

Then SAVE your split test and you're done!

Once your split-test is saved, you can then click on the BLUE BUTTON that says "Get Link" to the right of the split-test name, that will give you the URL to send traffic to the particular split test.

You can EDIT the split-test by clicking on the pencil icon to the left of the 'Split Test Name' and you can view the stats of the split test by clicking on the bar graph icon.

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