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Understanding WarriorPlus stats
Understanding WarriorPlus stats
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Stats for WarriorPlus Vendors/Sellers can be found by clicking on "Vendors" in the top menu bar and then clicking on "My Products"

Visitors vs. Views:

Visitors = How many different people from different/unique IP addresses have clicked on your Offer.

Views = How many times it has been viewed. If Joe viewed your offer one time, and Jane viewed your offer 2 times, you would then have 2 visitors (Joe and Jane) yet 3 views (1 from Joe + 2 from Jane).

* Some people return to offers multiple times before they decide to purchase.

Unique Clicks vs. Total Clicks:

This is broken down pretty much the same way. How many unique IP addresses have clicked through your offer vs. how many have clicked through total.

Unique Clicks = How many different people with different IP addresses clicked on your offer.

Total Clicks = How many clicks your offer got total, including repeat clicks from repeat visitors.

If each time they viewed your offer, they clicked through -- then by using the example above -- you would have 2 unique clicks (Joe and Jane) and 3 total clicks (1 from Joe + 2 from Jane)

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