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External Membership Integration Information
External Membership Integration Information
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Warrior+Plus now integrates with a number of 3rd party membership plugins and software. You can see a list of our currently supported software below:

  • Wishlist Member

  • Digital Access Pass

  • Kajabi

  • aMember

  • OptimizePress

  • Nanacast

  • ProductDyno

There are various things required for each site. In the Product Editor, the help text to the side of each item, as well as the notification next to the dropdown, will provide you with most of the information you need. It is all below with a bit more detail, in case you are having any problems integrating your site.

WishList Member

What's Required?

  1. WishList URL - This is the URL you use to visit the home page of the WordPress installation where WishList is installed at.

  2. WishList API Key - You can find this by logging into your admin dashboard in WordPress, clicking WishList Member on the left -> Settings at the top -> Click Configuration -> Click Miscellaneous, and it's listed near the bottom as 'API Key' (it will be a long, randomly generated block of characters and numbers).

  3. Membership SKU - The Membership Level SKU for the level this product grants access to. You can find this under the Integrations tab at the top of your settings panel. Scroll down the page to see a list of your membership levels and their SKU numbers. Enter the one that corresponds to your membership level.

  4. WishList POST URL - Finally, under the same Integrations tab as the Membership SKUs, you can find your POST URL. This URL is where we will send info to tell WishList you have a new member. Copy and paste that URL in the WL Post URL field below.

This should complete the setup required for your WishList installation. Members should now be added and removed automatically when purchasing or being refunded.

Digital Access Pass

Be sure that the Product Name in DAP and Warrior+Plus are identical. This is how they will track which products have been purchased on our site.

What's Required?

  1. DAP Notification URL - This is the location of the WSO Pro file in dap. Normall this is going to be in the format of DAP will create a membership account upon successful purchase when we let them know at this URL.

  2. DAP Keygen URL - If you take the URL above and change the filename from dap-wsopro.php to dap-wsokeygen.php, you'll have the right URL here. Example for the URL in #1:

  3. DAP Secret Key - You can set this in Digital Access Pass. Go to DAP Setup -> Config -> Secret Key Settings. It does not matter what it is, but it must match here and there to allow our site to communicate with your installation. Pick something hard to guess, as it allows access to your install's API.

Once you've done this, DAP should now add and remove memberships based on the products people buy on our site.


What's Required?

Make sure that you have a funnel and sales page created, as well as an offer for that funnel. Then, you can go to the funnel, and it will show you the information you need by clicking the "Get Configuration Info" button on the right side of the Funnel Information page.

  1. Notification URL - The URL where we will let Kajabi know about sales/refunds.

  2. API Key - Your API key to access the installation, listed in the window.

  3. KJBF - Secret string provided in the Configuration Info window.

  4. KJBO - Secret string provided in the Configuration Info window.

Enter these details, and Warrior+Plus will now be connected to your Kajabi installation.


What's Required?

  1. aMember Domain - The domain name (Example: where aMember resides. We will pass transaction info to this URL (which can be found at the bottom of the config page):

2. Setup the WarriorPlus 'Add-On' - Search the 'Add-Ons' area for 'WarriorPlus' and then select the WarriorPlus Add-On (NOTE: If it does not say "WSO PRO" -- that's OKAY -- they occasionally update the plugin and the name may change as well.

3. Make Sure Add-On is Activated - See the image below:

4. IF the Password is Not Being Passed Through - You can make the following modification to the aMember email template in order to ensure your members' passwords are being delivered:


5. In the WarriorPlus Product Editor, Select 'aMember' from menu (NOT 'Legacy'!)

6. aMember VS. aMember Legacy - The 'Legacy' version is for older products which are already using the previous version of the aMember integration. For ALL NEW integrations, ONLY use the 'aMember' option.

If you have any questions or run into any issues, let us know at the chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner.


Once you've installed OptimizePress & OptimizeMember, you will find the following requirements as described.

What's Required?

  1. Remote Operations API Key - You will find your API key below under OptimizeMember -> API/Scripting -> Pro API For Remote Operations.

  2. Member Level - This is the member level people will be assigned when purchasing this product. It is normally 0-10. You can find this under General Options -> Define Member Levels and Packages in your WordPress admin dashboard under OptimizeMember. Use the level number that corresponds to the one for this product that people will be upgraded to when they purchase.

  3. This is the member level people will be assigned when refunding this product or being downgraded from this. This is required because of the way OptimizePress designates access. Want to demote them to a basic user? Most of the time this will be level 0. You can double check your member levels under General Options -> Define Member Levels and Packages in your WordPress admin dashboard under OptimizeMember.

OptimizePress should now be setup. Check your Member Level #'s so people get assigned to the correct member group, and downgraded to the correct one as well.


What's Required?

  1. Nanacast API Key - This is in your Nanacast account settings, it allows us to contact your Nanacast installation and vice versa.

  2. Advanced API ID - This is the ID for the list/product/membership that you are adding people to. It will be found in the Manage section for whichever type of item you're adding people to (Ex: Manage -> Products link on left menu).

Nanacast is now connected to Warrior+Plus and will add and revoke memberships automatically.


What's Required?

WarriorPlus Product ID: Login to your WarriorPlus account, click on Vendors => Products.

Then click the product you want to integrate with ProductDyno. Select & copy the Product ID Code.

Login to your ProductDyno account, go to payment gateways and add WarriorPlus. Paste the product ID Code in the given field and save.

Go to your payment gateways and copy the IPN / Checkout URL given for WarriorPlus.

Go back to your WarriorPlus product settings, scroll down to custom integration under the advanced integration section.

Paste that same IPN / Checkout URL info into the Notification URL field.

Then select the Send IPN to Delivery URL to ON and save and you are done.

You'll want to set up a 'Delivery URL' thank you page url that notifies your customers to check their inbox for their welcome email with login deails since ProductDyno will automatically create and send that information at the moment of purchase checkout completion.

Save and continue and you are all set up. ProductDyno will automaticaly set up

and also remove access for all your sales on the WarriorPlus platform that you integrate with.

Detailed instructions and short video tutorial can be found at:

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