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Where Can I Find the Offer Settings Page?
Where Can I Find the Offer Settings Page?
Updated over a week ago

Once you create an offer, you can go back into the offer setup page in order to edit the offer settings, such as the:

Title, Description, Category, Keywords, Product Image, Status, Sales Page URL, Custom Checkout Header, Pre-Launch URL, Affiliate Program and Info, JV Page URL, Affiliate List Integration, or to Make Your Offer Public and more.

Open the offer editor by clicking on "Vendors" in the top menu and then on "Offers" and then click on the offer you wish to get your Affiliate Signup Page link for.

Then, click on the BLUE BUTTON that says "Offer Setup / Options" and select "Offer Settings" from the dropdown menu.

You will be able to edit your offer settings on this page at any time. Make sure to click SAVE when you are finished editing.

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