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How do I set up Multiple Sales Pages?
How do I set up Multiple Sales Pages?
Updated over a week ago

You can now set up Multiple Sales Pages on WarriorPlus. Having multiple sales pages can be helpful for split-testing different sales copy or websites, as well as having custom sales pages for specific affiliates, etc. 

To set up Multiple Sales Pages:

  1. Click on "Vendors" in the top menu bar, then click on "Offers"

  2. Select the Offer that you wish to set up Multiple Sales Pages for.

  3. Click on the BLUE BUTTON that says "Offer Setup / Options"

  4. Select "Multiple Salespages / Split Tests" from the Dropdown Menu

  5. Click on the GREEN BUTTON that says "+ New Sales Page

  6. In the pop-up window, create a description for your Sales Page and enter the Sales Page URL

  7. Check "ON" or "OFF" under "Allow Affiliates" if you wish to allow affiliates then you would select "ON." 

  8. Click "Save" and you have created a new sales page.

    You may add as many sales pages as you want to your offer(s).

    Click on the "Get Code" button to the right of each sales page in order to get the "BUY NOW" button for each different page.

    Click on the icon with the number "0" in it next to the "Get Code" button to assign specific affiliates to each individual sales page. (NOTE: This icon will ONLY appear when you have more than 1 salespage set up)

    You can EDIT your sales page(s) details using the pencil icon next to the name of each sales page and you can DELETE your sales page(s) by clicking on the garbage can icon at the bottom right corner of the EDIT pop-up window.

    If you add more than 1 alternative sales pages, you will be able to ADD "Split Tests" at the bottom of the page by clicking on the "+ New Split Test" button.

    Want to Split Test Your Multiple Sales Pages?

    Click Here to Check out the Article on Split-Testing your Sales Pages >>

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