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How do I sell subscription-based products?
How do I sell subscription-based products?
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You can list products on WarriorPlus that are "subscription-based" meaning they have recurring payments (such as monthly, weekly, yearly).

You may use either PayPal -OR- Stripe to sell subscription-based/recurring products on WarriorPlus.

* Learn more about Stripe at

How to Set Up a Subscription-Based Product:

1. Login to your WarriorPlus account

2. Click on "Vendors" in the top menu.

3. Then click on "Products"

4. Click on the green button that says "+ New Product"

5. On the new product creation page, at the top, there will be a dropdown menu that says:


6. Select the "Subscription / Multi-payment" option seen below:

7. You will have the option to choose the price, the recurring price, how many payments there will be throughout the entire lifetime of the membership, etc. as seen below:


Note: If your membership/product/service has NO "expiration date" or "end date" you can leave it set to "No Limit" and buyers will continue to be billed until their subscription is canceled by either you or them.

Trial Period

If you want to offer a "Trial Period" to your buyers, you can enter the number of days/months/years you wish to offer the trial for. Then select "days, months or years" from the dropdown menu and then a price text box will appear.

Enter the price for the trial period and then it will automatically charge your buyers "$X" for the trial period that you set and then automatically change to the regular sales price after the trial period ends.

When you're done editing your product, click SAVE and you're good to go!

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