The dimesale setup is made up of 3 different elements:

1. Start Price (Your Product Sale Price)
2. Increment Amount ("Increase by $__")
3. Frequency (...Every "X" sales)

The "current price" is calculated from those settings above, and always takes into account the total number of sales already made, no matter when those variables are changed.

So, the best way to "reset" the price, is to lower the start price. So, if the price started at $7, and was increasing by 2 cents every sale, and there were 100 sales, that makes the current price $9 (with a total price increase of $2). So, to "reset" the price, the start price could just be lowered by $2 (to $5), and then that would get them a $7 price after the calculation is made.

Of course, you can play with any number of those 3 variables with varying results, and as long as you keep in mind the total number of sales already made, it will all make sense.

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