Whenever someone requests to be an affiliate for your offer, you will be notified at the support email address you provided. If you notice that you are receiving requests, but not receiving the emails, you may want to contact your email provider and make sure that warriorplus.com is "whitelisted" by your provider or find out why there is an issue.

You can view all of your affiliate requests by clicking on "Vendors" in the TOP menu bar and then clicking on "My Affiliates" or access the page directly here: http://warriorplus.com/wsopro/my-affiliates

Receive Facebook Notifications When Affiliates Request to Promote an Offer:

You can set up notifications within WarriorPlus to notify you on Facebook whenever an affiliate requests to promote one of your offers - so you'll never miss an affiliate request again! You can setup the notification here: https://warriorplus.com/user/notification-settings.php?

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