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What is the WarriorPlus Wallet and How Does it Work?
What is the WarriorPlus Wallet and How Does it Work?
Updated over a week ago

The simple answer is that the Wallet is where your commissions and earnings go when a sale is made. But there is A LOT more to it than that...

Here are 6 important things about the WarriorPlus Wallet that will make your business better:

1) It's Proven

We have had the Wallet in place for OVER 4 YEARS now! It's been tested, proven, and continually made more awesome just for you.

It’s built on our own rock solid, custom technology that has kept WarriorPlus running since 2008.

The point is: You can trust the WarriorPlus Wallet.

2) It's Automatic

There is nothing special you need to do to use the Wallet. It is an integral part of EVERY WarriorPlus account.

When a sale comes in to a Vendor, any commissions or fees due are automatically collected by WarriorPlus at the time of sale.  You never have to keep any extra funds in your PayPal account to pay out later, or worry about manually paying affiliates and partners.

WarriorPlus Wallet does it all for you - automatically!

3) It Keeps Vendors Safe

One really important feature about the Wallet, is that Vendors NEVER have to worry about problems with refunds due to issues with affiliates or partners payment accounts.

If you ever need to issue a refund, the funds come directly from WarriorPlus back to you. Our PayPal account will never be empty. You'll never get stuck issuing a full refund and losing the commissions you already paid.

Also, since the funds are going into the WarriorPlus PayPal account, you don't have to worry about ever being "connected" to any 3rd party affiliates or partners that you don't know or trust.

WarriorPlus has your back!

4) Affiliates and Partners ALWAYS Get Paid

Have you ever promoted an offer for someone, and then seen the dreaded "delayed" earnings in your account for months on end? Have you not been paid at ALL sometimes? I know I have.

With the Wallet, WarriorPlus is the one in charge of your funds until you get them. You don't have to worry about "manual" payouts, hounding Vendors for your commissions, or anything else.

And, just like in #3 for Vendors, you never have to worry about having your account "connected" to someone else you really don't know. WarriorPlus pays you, every time.

WarriorPlus Wallet makes sure you get paid!

5) Access Your Funds How YOU Want To

When you are ready to access your funds, you don't have to rely on only 1 merchant provider or option to get the money into your hands. (Or wait for someone else to pay you manually, as mentioned in #4. Yuck!)

With the WarriorPlus Wallet, no matter how the payment came in, you choose how it goes out.

  • Want it to your PayPal account? No problem!

  • Want it in your Stripe account? You got it!

  • Want it right to your local Bank Account? Of course! Using Veem, you can send it direct to your bank in nearly 100 countries all over the world.

  • Want to buy other WarriorPlus products with it? Fast and easy!

  • Want your funds in potatoes? OK, maybe not...

But seriously, we want to make getting your funds easy and painless.

Remember, the payment comes direct from WarriorPlus to you. No middlemen. No drama.

WarriorPlus Wallet gives you choices!

To Access YOUR Wallet -- go to: 

* You can get there by clicking on your username in the upper-right corner when logged into WarriorPlus >> Then Click on "My Account" or "Account Settings" >> Then Click on "Wallet / Withdrawals".

6) Its FREE!

You don't have to pay any merchant fees for payments coming in. Forget 3% or more - we like 0% better.

Getting funds out is also free or VERY low cost, depending on the withdrawal method you choose. Want to buy a product listed on WarriorPlus? Never pay any fees in or out.

WarriorPlus Wallet means more FREEdom!

Another common question I want to answer is: 

How do I get funds into my WarriorPlus Wallet?


You can immediately ensure all of your commissions go direct to your wallet by making a few quick tweaks to your Merchant Account settings.

Watch this short video for details:


For "incoming" funds from sales of your products, funds go into the Wallet when another WarriorPlus user pays with funds from their Wallet.

(And coming soon for qualified vendors and products, WarriorPlus can optionally act as the "Merchant of Record" for your sales and the funds will be deposited into your Wallet.)

For "outgoing" commissions to affiliates and partners, you can set commissions you pay out to go into the Wallet in a few ways...

1) When using Stripe and/or our new PayPal Beta API (currently in limited release)

All sales made with these methods automatically deposit the commissions into the Affiliate and JV Partner wallets. Vendors immediately receive their portion of the funds direct into their PayPal or Stripe account.

2) Set Affiliates and Partners to the Wallet individually

When approving affiliates or setting up JV partner contracts, you can choose to send funds to the Wallet of those users. You can also edit these settings after the fact at anytime from the Vendor->Affiliates section of your WarriorPlus account.

As mentioned above, this is not needed for Stripe or PayPal Beta payment options, only our older "PayPal Adaptive" method where "Instant" payout is possible.

3) Set ALL Affiliate and JV Partner Commissions to use Wallet

This will be available shortly as a toggle setting in your WarriorPlus Merchant Accounts settings. More details soon.

To access your Wallet, simply go to the "My Account" page within WarriorPlus and click on "Wallet". Who knows, you might even have something unexpected waiting for you! 


I hope this info helps you better understand the WarriorPlus Wallet, how it works, and why it’s so valuable for your business...

At WarriorPlus, we truly value YOU and your business - whether you are a Vendor, an Affiliate, or somewhere in between, we appreciate you - and we hope to be a part of your success for years to come.

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