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How Do I Withdraw Funds from My Balance?
How Do I Withdraw Funds from My Balance?

How to withdraw money from your WarriorPlus wallet...

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To withdraw funds from your WarriorPlus wallet balance:

  1. Click on your username in the upper right hand corner, while logged into your WarriorPlus account.

  2. Click on 'W+ Wallet'.

  3. Click on Withdraw Funds if the button is green and active and you have funds to withdraw.

  4. Choose an amount you wish to withdraw (you do not have to withdraw your entire balance. Minimum withdrawal is $15.)

  5. Choose an account to withdraw your funds to from the dropdown menu. (PayPal or Bank Account Transfer)

  6. Wait for your withdrawal request to be approved. 

  7. Once approved by W+, PayPal withdrawals will be instantly sent to your PayPal account. Bank transfers will be processed instantly upon approval - however, please note: transfer times vary with each individual bank. Once we release the funds, it may take 1+ business day(s) for your bank to clear the funds (standard with any bank transfer).

*Once we release your funds, it may take time for your bank to process the funds. This time will vary based on your bank and location. 

You can click on your "pending earnings" to see which payments are still pending. Hover your mouse over the lock icon to see how many days are left until you can withdraw.

In order to make a withdrawal, there are certain requirements that must be met, such as:

  • You must have sales from at least 5 different/unique buyers on our platform before you are eligible to withdraw funds for the first time. (NOTE: Purchases made using W+ Wallet balance DO NOT count toward the 5 required sales)

  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $15. You cannot withdraw funds from your wallet if your balance is less than this amount.

We may also ask for additional information about a user's business and/or identity before withdrawals can be made.

We reserve the right to limit withdrawals at any time, for any reason, usually pending any investigation into Terms of Service violations or other activities that may be deemed harmful to WarriorPlus or its users.

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