There are currently 2 options for accepting payments and getting paid as a vendor or or 3 as an affiliate on WarriorPlus: Paypal and Stripe (or withdrawal to your Bank).

1. PayPal:

Vendors may use PayPal to accept payments for products.

PayPal can be used for one-time purchases AND/OR recurring subscription payments.

PayPal is available in 202 countries and 25 currencies.

See the full list of supported countries here:

To see a full list of PayPal merchant fees, check out this link:

PayPal Country Limitations:

Vendors in India (with an Indian PayPal account) MUST use 'PayPal Plus' for selling products on WarriorPlus...

To set this up, go to your 'Merchant Accounts' settings and add your PayPal account as a 'PayPal Plus' account. Learn more at the link below:


NOTE: We recommend ALL vendors use PayPal Plus, not just Indian vendors.

The Standard 'PayPal' setup uses the old API (which is not recommended) and exists for older products that are still using it. If you must use this version, keep in mind there may be other countries with similar limitations that also need to use PayPal Plus.

To see which countries have PayPal limitations, see the links below:

PayPal Adaptive Payments Country Limitations:

PayPal Product Availability by Country:

2. Stripe:

Vendors may use Stripe to accept payments for products.

Stripe can be used for one-time purchases AND/OR recurring subscription payments.

Stripe is available in 25 countries and growing.

See the full list of supported countries here:

To see a full list of Stripe merchant fees, check out this link:

Stripe Country Limitations:

See the list of supported countries above. No matter what country you're based in, you can use Atlas to easily incorporate a U.S. company, set up a U.S. bank account, and start accepting payments with Stripe. Request an invite here:

Payment for Affiliates/ JV Partners:

As an affiliate/partner, you will receive instant commissions to your WarriorPlus Wallet (see below) for withdrawal at a later time to your Paypal, Stripe, or Bank account(s).

WarriorPlus Balance (Wallet):

The Wallet is a place funds are stored in the case that instant payments are not possible. For Vendors, this only happens if the Buyer used funds from their Wallet to make their purchase.

For affiliates and JV partners, this will happen (ie, commissions put in the affiliate's WarriorPlus Wallet) in almost all cases.

You can view your WarriorPlus account balance, as well as info on funds availability and what products were sold, here:

When they become available, funds can be withdrawn to a connected Paypal, Stripe, or Bank account (you will need to have these accounts listed in your Merchant Accounts (

For bank transfers, we currently use TransferWise, which does have issues working with the banks of some countries. To help with this, you can actually create an account with them, or try connecting your Payoneer account in the bank account section of your merchant accounts.

There are some requirements for withdrawing from your Wallet. You will need to have at least $15 available ($100 for wire transfers) and 5 unique customers. You will have to wait a few days between withdrawals in order to keep expenses down for you when withdrawing.

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