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I want to sell my own products as a vendor
I want to sell my own products as a vendor

Getting started selling products on WarriorPlus

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Welcome to the WarriorPlus vendor community! We're excited to have you on board and are committed to helping you launch your first product with confidence and success.

To help you get started, we've put together a quick guide to selling your first product on WarriorPlus:

Create Your Product: Develop a high-quality, valuable product that solves a problem or fulfills a need in your target market. Ensure your product is polished, well-presented, and ready for sale.

Set Up Your Vendor Account: Log in to your WarriorPlus account and navigate to the Vendor Dashboard. Complete your profile with accurate information, including payment integrations, to ensure a seamless transaction process for your customers.

Edit Your Profile Here:

Add Your Product: Click on the "Vendor" menu in the Navigation Bar, then click on "Products". Then click the green "+ New Product" button and follow the prompts to input relevant information, such as product name, description, pricing, and support details.

Create an Offer: Bundle your product with additional resources, upsells, or downsells to enhance its value. Use the Create Offer feature by clicking on the "Vendor" menu in the Navigation Bar, then click on "Offers". Then click the green "+ New Offer" button and follow the prompts to set up your sales funnel, define commission rates for affiliates, and customize your checkout pages.

Consult the Knowledge-Base: If you have any questions about how to use WarriorPlus, search the knowledgebase first - and if you're still stuck, open a chat dialogue with our team! You can do both of those things at this link:

Promote Your Product: Develop a marketing strategy to create awareness and drive traffic to your offer. Utilize email marketing, social media, content marketing, and other channels to reach your target audience.

Recruit Affiliates: Attract high-performing affiliates to help you promote your product. Approve affiliate requests in the Vendor Dashboard, communicate your expectations, and provide them with promotional materials to facilitate their success.

Monitor Sales & Analytics: Keep track of your sales, conversions, and customer behavior using WarriorPlus' built-in analytics tools. Utilize these insights to optimize your offer and marketing efforts.

We recommend reviewing our comprehensive knowledge base and engaging with our vibrant community of vendors and affiliates for valuable insights and networking opportunities.

Join our community here:

Start setting up your first product today and launch with success!


Here are a few articles that will help you get up and running fast:

Thank you for choosing WarriorPlus. 

We look forward to seeing you achieve great things here!

Committed to your success,

Mike Lantz
Founder, CEO

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