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How to Handle Copyright Claims on WarriorPlus? (stolen or misused content)
How to Handle Copyright Claims on WarriorPlus? (stolen or misused content)

How and when to submit a proper DMCA Takedown Notice

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If you feel someone has violated your copyright, please follow the steps below to see if WarriorPlus can help to get your issue resolved.

1. Reach out to the offending party

The first step you should always take in cases like this is to reach out to the offending party and request they remove the content. Oftentimes there is just a misunderstanding and having a dialog with the other person will get this handled quickly.

In the case that this has not worked - or you are not able to find a way to contact the other person - then you can move on to step 2.

2. Determine if your claim applies to WarriorPlus

There are certain circumstances when submitting a copyright claim to WarriorPlus would apply:

  • Your original product is being sold and/or delivered via WarriorPlus without your permission.

  • Your web page(s) are being linked to/from WarriorPlus without your permission.

  • Your original content is somehow being 'hosted' or is downloadable on WarriorPlus without your permission.

  • Another user has sufficiently violated your copyright in any sales materials, products, product names, content, etc... that is hosted by or linked to via the WarriorPlus system

It may not be limited to the above scenarios. However, if the content in question is NOT being hosted or linked to/from by WarriorPlus, the copyright claim may not apply to WarriorPlus.

In the case of content linked to by WarriorPlus, we also recommend submitting DMCA Takedown Notice to wherever the content is being hosted or distributed as well. (ie webhost, ISP, email provider, etc...)

If you’re not sure whether your claim applies to WarriorPlus, please feel free to open a chat dialogue (using chat icon in bottom right of this page) and we will do our best to help you.

3. If you believe you have a valid claim as listed above, open a support ticket as follows:

  • Click the red "chat bubble" icon in the bottom right corner of this page to initiate the request

  • Explain in as much detail as possible the situation and what other steps you have taken to try and remedy it, if applicable

  • Attach a proper DMCA Takedown Notice using the "attach file" feature

We take copyright claims very seriously and we will do everything we can to take proper action against any offenders.

What is a DMCA Takedown Notice?

It's an instrument used by copyright holders to help get their work taken down from being hosted online without permission. You can read more about it at this article by Entrepreneur (not affiliated with WarriorPlus in any way):

Are there any other remedies?

Often times it comes down to being a personal dispute, which would require one party taking legal action against the other. We are not attorneys and cannot give you legal advice, and we recommend discussing these matters with an attorney to see if there is any legal recourse if you pursue the offending party legally.

Note: This is not legal advice.

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