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How does Affiliate Tracking work on WarriorPlus?
How does Affiliate Tracking work on WarriorPlus?
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On WarriorPlus, the affiliate who gets the "last click" gets credit for the sale.

What does that mean exactly?

When someone clicks on your 'affiliate link' they get 'cookied' which means you will receive credit if that person goes on to purchase the product (or a product within that offer).

The affiliate 'cookie' lasts for 60 days

If the person clicks on another affiliate's link after clicking on yours, then the new cookie would override yours - so the LAST affiliate to get the click gets the credit.

Besides lasting for 60 days, we have other mechanisms in place (our 'special sauce') that help ensure an affiliate gets credit even if cookies are deleted.

How Can I Tell Who is Getting Credit for a Sale?

At the bottom of the checkout page, there is a small icon of a circle with a person.

If you hover your mouse over this icon, you can see which affiliate (if any) is getting credit for that particular sale. See the screenshot below:


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