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I haven't received a response to my affiliate request, what should I do?
I haven't received a response to my affiliate request, what should I do?
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When requesting to be an affiliate for an offer, it is important to remember a few tips.

The seller/vendor may not know who you are at all, so it is in your best interest to leave them a note in the notes section that introduces yourself, explains why you want to help promote this offer, and how you specifically may be able to help.

Remember that the seller worked hard on creating their product and maintaining their reputation, so they need to feel secure when allowing others to help them promote their products/services.

The seller is the ONLY one who can approve (or deny) affiliates.

WarriorPlus has no control of the seller's decision on this part. If you have not gotten an answer for a request, the seller may be swamped in sales, other work, or a lot of other things. Have patience, and remember that not everyone can be chosen to be an affiliate for all the products they request.

TIP: You may try emailing or messaging the vendor (Skype, Forum PM, Etc) in order to follow up or let them know that you wish to promote their product and give them some insight on how you plan on advertising it as well as some information about yourself. This can drastically improve your chances of being approved as well as "how quickly."

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