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Paypal Permissions: What and Why
Paypal Permissions: What and Why
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WarriorPlus is making some internal changes to how Paypal payments are handled (tech jargon: we are using a new API).
This will allow us to provide more features and the Affiliate system, which will make the system better and easier to use for everyone.
We will need you to grant us permissions in the following areas:
=> Refunds: Allow the system to process refunds on your behalf (1-click refunds)
=> Transaction details: Allow us to see payment details on a specific WarriorPlus transaction
 => Contact Information: Allow us to access some basic information about you, like your name, country, Paypal email address, etc...
We may not ask for all of these permissions at the same time, and anytime we require further permissions you will need to grant them to us specifically through the same Paypal process. You will always know exactly what you are giving us access to, and why.
The simple answer: because Paypal says so.
The longer answer:
In order for us to effectively manage your sales and/or affiliate commissions, we need to make use of certain tools Paypal supplies to developers for this purpose.
The old way Paypal did business - and the method WarriorPlus used through early 2012 - was very rudimentary and sometimes unreliable. We had to rely on the Paypal IPN (Instant Payment Notification) system to know when sales were made, refunds were processed, disputes filed, etc... And sometimes these IPN messages are not received by our server, causing products to not be delivered, or incorrect information to be displayed. This hurts everyone.
In addition to that, the old system does not allow some of the great new features like split payments and commissions, JVs, and automatic refund processing (where you can just click a button to make a refund), all of which we plan to add to WarriorPlus.
Finally, we also need to know who we are doing business with, and having access to certain contact information allows us to ensure a safe environment for everyone. We will more easily be able to block malicious affiliates or users, allow you to prevent certain buyers you don't want to do business with from buying from you, etc..
No, not at all.
Paypal only grants access to the specific functions needed to run our system, which does NOT include any access to your account history, password, account balance, profile settings, sending/withdrawing money, or any other thing not related to a WarriorPlus transaction.
We hope so!
WarriorPlus is the original platform (and BEST, we think ;)) used to sell digital business products in this community.
We have been around since 2005, and plan to be around for a lot longer. YOU, our customers, are our greatest asset, and we plan to treat you that way. We would NEVER misuse that trust.
If you have any questions or concerns, you are always welcome to open a support request and we will answer you as quickly as possible. Simply click the message icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen to start a support chat.
Updated: 2012-04-30. This document will be updated as often as needed to address new questions.

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