Please Note: WarriorPlus is NOT the same as the Warrior Forum. We are completely separate entities. However, you can post an offer that is listed on WarriorPlus, on the WarriorForum for sale.

In order to post a Warrior Forum "WSO" Offer through WarriorPlus, you must have an approved WSO thread on the Warrior Forum.

Note: These are done entirely through the Warrior Forum. In order to create your offer in a way that allows you to put your WarriorPlus buy buttons on the sales page, is to create your WSO using this link: (you must be logged into your Warrior Forum account too)

You must also have an offer set up on WarriorPlus.

See: How to List Products & Offers on WarriorPlus (And OTOs/Upsells)

You do NOT need a website.

Your product delivery files can be uploaded as a .ZIP file to WarriorPlus (up to 100MB) or you can host your own download privately on a separate site.

It is preferred that you complete your WarriorPlus Listing first, before submitting your listing on the Warrior Forum.

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