ALL Product Support for products purchased through WarriorPlus must be made to the seller. The creator of the product is the only one who has the knowledge and information to provide you the support you are looking for. They are the expert on the product.

You can find the seller/vendor support email address in 2 places:

1) Near the bottom of the email you received from WarriorPlus (with "[RECEIPT]" in the subject line) when your purchase was made.

2) On the "WarriorPlus Thank You Page". (This is where you are redirected after purchase, and also where the link in the "[RECEIPT]" email takes you.) The vendor's name will be a "drop-down" menu and when you click on it you will be able to access the Support Email or Support URL for that vendor.

  • Be sure to include 1) your item number (ie wso_a1b2c3_456789) and 2) your PayPal email address so the vendor can easily locate your purchase and provide you with the service you need the first time. You can also provide your Transaction ID (optional). 

Opening a support request with WarriorPlus will not solve the problem as we do not have the product knowledge needed to help you with your purchase.

If the vendor is NOT responding to support tickets or emails, see this knowledgebase article HERE.

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