If you did not receive your download information after purchasing through WarriorPlus, don't worry, there are a few possible reasons for this and all of them can be worked out.

1. The email went to your SPAM folder

Sometimes the "Delivery" email doesn't make it to your inbox and ends up in your "spam" or "junk" folder. This is a good place to check first, before trying any of the methods below.

2. Your may need to "whitelist" our email address

Some email providers will block email addresses they don't recognize. If you add "deliverybot@warriorplus.com" to your list of approved contacts (whitelist it), your email provider will let those emails come through.

3. Paypal didn't confirm your payment

At times Paypal is a bit slow, or if you paid with an echeck your download cannot be sent until that clears, which can take up to a week. If PayPal is being slow, be patient, it usually works itself out within several minutes.

4. Your purchase didn't come through WarriorPlus

In order to be sure your purchase actually came through the WarriorPlus system, check your PayPal receipt. Orders through the system always contain an "item_number" using this format: wso_xxxxxx_12345

If it doesn't look like that, then the purchase was NOT made through the WarriorPlus system.


The best way to ensure you have access to all of your purchases is to use the WarriorPlus "purchase history" system. This is available to all WarriorPlus members and allows you to see and access all purchases made through our system in one place.

To use this system, be sure to login to WarriorPlus and go here: http://www.warriorplus.com/buy/history and follow the instructions.

If you are still having trouble, your best bet is to send a copy of your PayPal receipt to the seller whose product you are trying to access. They will need information like your Transaction ID and/or Item Number to be able to locate your transaction and get another email sent out to you.

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